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NOTICE: These resources are assembled for the benefit of the avid Bible student and are listed here without regard as to whether or not they contain true scriptural doctrine. Some do contain drastic religious error. But they are listed for informational purposes and should be meticulously compared with the truths contained in the Holy Bible.

An Alphabetical Listing of Names, Writings, and Historical Stories. Or Century by Century

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An enormous listing of articles and essays on Christian Evidences and Apologetics (Denominational sources)

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A 12 part lesson series covering the Bible from Genesis 1 through Revelation 22 by Dave Miller

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In-depth articles, lectures, seminars, etc., on a variety of religious subjects.

Abortion, What's Wrong With It? Numerous well written articles on various wrongs of abortion.
Ancient Days Exodus & Conquest, Creation vs Evolution, Universal Flood, Archaeology, More.
Ancient Versions of Scripture Articles on Old Latin, Vulgate, Septuagint, & Aramaic Targums.
Answers In Genesis Creation, Apologetics, Evidences, Archaeology, More.
Apologetics Press Christian Evidences, The Creation/Evolution Controversy, Courses, More
A. R. N. (Access Research Network) Science and Technology from Intelligent Design Viewpoint.
Associates For Biblical Research Archaeology, Current Excavations, Dead Sea Scrolls, More.
Astrology: A Biblical Critique of an Occult Art.
Back To Genesis Articles More Excellent Studies by Henry Morris, Ph.D.
Bede's Library on Science Scientific Essays, Links and Books.
Bible Atlas Online A a large and magnificient map assortment of near east and Bible lands.
Biblical Interpretation Articles on Creeds, Confessions, Interpretations, and more.
Biblical Studies in General Not Bible studies, but studies about the Bible
Biblical Theism Numerous Essays, Seminars and Articles about God and the Holy Bible.
Bioethics Great articles by Steve Wagner on abortion, stem-cell research, etc.
Book Reviews Scholarly reviews of evolution and other books.
Book Reviews Onsite Religious Book Reviews and Links to More
Christian Evidences and Apologetics A Great Number of Research Articles on Apologetics.
Christianity And The Bible Numerous Articles and Links on the Bible and Jesus' Authenticity.
Church History: A Biblical View Detailed history of the Lord's church by Gary Eubanks
Commentaries on Homosexuality Numerous Articles on the Subject of Homosexuality.
Commentaries on Social Issues Articles concerning morality vs legality, the right or wrong.
Deciphering "The Da Vinci Code" by Albert Mohler
Exploring Ancient World Cultures Studies of eight eastern ancient cultures.
Goddess Worship, The Historical Myth Of Regarding the history and present resurgence.
History of the Christian Church by Philip Schaff
History Index Historical Highlights from The Roman Empire to Hitler and More
Internet School Of Preaching Online Studies
New Bible Translations, A Conspiracy Behind them? by Daniel B. Wallace , Th.M., Ph.D.
One Human Race Only One Answer To Racism
Origins Scholarly and popular sources on intelligent design and philosophical theism.
Philosphies Index Links & Articles on God, Design and More from Theist and Atheist views.
Probe Ministries Many scholarly articles but with definite Calvinistic beliefs.
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic Library of Congress Exhibition.
The Canon of Scripture Articles on the Canon of Old Testament, New Testament & Apocrypha.
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown A Review with Spoilers
The Da Vinci Code: Of Magdalene, Gnostics, the Goddess and the Grail Comments, Links, More.
The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin--Read For Yourself What Darwin Said.
The True Origin Massive number of archived articles on origins, creation and untrue theories.
Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries of the Twentieth Century Relating to the Biblical World
Willful Ignorance Scientists willful ignorance of the Intelligent Design Theory.
Witchcraft And Wicca A study of this abominable religion from a Christian's view.
WVBS World Video Bible School

Al Islam Resources and Info. (Islamic Website)
Answering Islam A Christian -Muslim Dialogue and Apologetic
Articles by Farooq Ibrahim An Islamic Apostate Explains Discrepancies in the Qu'ran and Injeel.
Basic Beliefs of Islam Minnesoto State University Cultural eMuseum
By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them by Jim Croft--Islam Review
Comparison between Christianity & Islamic doctrine Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
Differences between the Bible and the Qur'an Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Great Virtues of Apostle of God by Ayesha Ahmed--Islam Review
History Of Islam Minnesoto State University Cultural eMuseum
Islam: The Way, The Truth and The Light?
Islam 101 (Islamic Website)
Islam as the ‘End’ of Christianity: Assessing the Arguments for Abrogation
Islamic Terrorism by Jim Croft--The Islam Review
Islam: the Facade and the Facts Article by Abdullah Al Araby from the "Islam Review"
Islam Unveiled Articles by Silas--Well Documented Compositions.
JIHAD Extensive Study From Islam's Primary Sources--The Qu'ran and the Hadith
Methods Muslims use to attack Christianity Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Muhammad: His Life And Influence by Joel Hendon
NCR-Iran National Council of Resistance of Iran
Plagiarism of the Bible and Omissions by the Qu'ran
Problems With The Koran by Joel Hendon
Sharia In America by Ayesha Ahmed--Islam Review
Shattering Ten Misconceptions About Islam by Muslim Students at USC. (Islamic Page)
Teachings of Islam=Terrorism? Examining one Muslim's Challenge.
The Islam Page (Islamic Website)
The Koran Links to each Surah Listed in Numerical Order
We left Islam Islamic Apostates Tell Why

About Jehovah's Witneses Christian Apologetics And Research Ministry
Christian or Cult? Examining Jehovah's Witnesses
Comparing The Jehovah's Witnesses with Biblical Teachings About Jesus.
Contradictions in Watchtower Literature Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
Discussion With A Jehovah's Witness On John 15
History Of Jehovah's Witnesses Christian Apologetics And Research Ministry
Jehovah's Witnesses Official Watchtower Website.
Jehovah's Witnesses # 2 Religious Tolerance.org
Jehovah's Witness are Really "Watchtowerites." Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
Jehovah's Witnesses in a Nutshell Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
Questions For Jehovah's Witnesses 101 Questions Using JW's WTS Version Bible
Refutation of J. W.'s View Of The Trinity
Religious Freedom Of Jehovah's Witnesses Article by J. W.'s Editor

Century-Old Evolutionary Rule Disproved Manasses church of Christ
Christianity Provided the Foundation for Science Through the Ages
Creation vs. Evolution The Basics Explained...Creation-Science Research Center
Life, Design and Purpose In The Universe, by David J. Tyler
Evolution Cruncher A condensation of the book.
Evolution Encyclopedia Scientific Facts Against Evolution
Origin of Life: the Early Atmosphere...Creation Science
The Effect of Darwinism on Morality and Christianity By Jerry Bergman, Ph.D
The Peppered Moth Evolution Comes Unglued by Mark Varney
Thermodynamics vs. Evolutionism By Timothy Wallace
The Second Law of Thermodynamics By Jonathan Sarfati
Why do so many scientists endorse Evolution? Daryl E. Witmer
Why Not Genesis? the Creation Events...Creation Science

The Community Church Movement from Manassas church of Christ
A Survey of the Community Church Movement by Editor-The Spiritual Sword
The Christian Chronicle Facilitates The Community Church Takeover Of The Churches Of Christ
The Community Church An Overview by Gary McDade
The Community Church Movement Don Martin's Bible Truths
Willow Creek Community Church
The Purpose Driven Church Book Review By Winford Claiborne
Ashamed of the Gospel Book Review by David R. Pharr
The Purpose-Driven Church by Nathan Busenitz
The Church Growth Movement by Dennis Costella-Fundamental Evangelistic Association
The Growth of a Purpose Driven Church Let Us Reason Ministries
Forgetting "the fear of God" Kjos Ministeries