Highway 9 church of Christ   

Topical Sermons   

Compiled by Joel Hendon

The followng sermons are assorted by subjects. Some may have differing views to others so compare closely with the Holy Scriptures.

Abortion, the Scourge of America By Don Martin Bible Truths
Abortion Facts And The Bible By John Cripps-Spruce Pines church of Christ
Abortion RU-486, Abortion, And The Bible By Paul Smithson-Examining The Scriptures
Fetus Is The Unborn Human Less than Human? Christian Answers
What About Abortion? By Marion R. Fox-Gospel Gazette
Murdering The Unborn By Brian Yeager-Christian Library
Abortion Protests By David Brown-Think On These Things
Freedom Of Choice-Freedom Of Religion By David Brown-Think On These Things
Evil In Our Time Abortion Essay By Larry Bohannon
The Real Problem with Abortion By Mark A. McNeil
Abortion, A Moral Issue By Rob Harbison-Sermon Central
Abortion: Without Natural Affection By David Padfield-Church Of Christ, Zion, Illinois
It's A Strange World! A Judicial Dilemma? By Grady Scott
Abortion and the Bible: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? By David E. Pratte-The Gospel Way
Abortion: The Scourge of America By Barry Gilreath, Jr.-Southhaven Church Of Christ

The Authority Of God's Word By Bob Williams
Instruments of Music in Worship to God Anonymous
Respect For God's Authority By Paul Smithson
"He Didn't Say Not To" By Paul Smithson
Bible Authority By Basil Overton
Mistaken Sources Of Authority By Mark Dunagan
The Role of Women in the Church By Louis Rushmore
The “Music-Authority” Issue Again By Wayne Jackson
How To Establish Religious Authority - Part 1 By Wayne Jackson
How To Establish Religious Authority - Part 2 By Wayne Jackson
How To Establish Religious Authority - Part 3 By Wayne Jackson
How To Establish Religious Authority - Part 4 By Wayne Jackson
The Twisted Logic of Liberalism By Wayne Jackson
The Danger of Unscriptural Fellowship By Morris Hafly
Lord, Lord By Jeff S. Smith
The Silence Of The Scriptures By Vernon Teagarden
What Is Expediency? By Bryan R Braswell

Acts 2:38 – Not So Tough By Wayne Jackson
A Study Of Baptism By Joel Hendon
Baptism--Passages Often Overlooked By Mark Dunagan
Baptism In The Preaching Of The Apostles By Mark Copeland
Baptism Comes Before Salvation By David Padfield
Denominational Baptism by Jim Laws
God's Plan of Salvation By Bob Williams
Infant Baptism By John Carlos Bailey
Misconceptions Regarding Baptism - Part 1 By Wayne Jackson
Misconceptions Regarding Baptism - Part 2 By Wayne Jackson
“We Baptize Babies . . .” A Response By Wayne Jackson
What must I do to be saved? By Gus Nichols

A Fierce Wind Is Blowing H. A. (Buster) Dobbs
Changes I Have Seen Since I Began Preaching--Forrest D. Moyer
Christmas at Matthew's House, Some Thoughts on--By Jess Hall, Jr.
Generic Churches Change Movement Sermons Series
Golden Calf Syndrome J. E. Choate
Is Clapping of Hands Appropriate in Worship? T. Pierce Brown
Jubilee 99--New Wineskins Catholic and Dionysus
Jubilee 99 Latter Rain--Thy Kingdom HAS Come?
Legalism Mark Dunagan
Lift Up Holy Hands?, Are Christians Required to--Wayne Jackson
Masking The Facts Change Movement Sermons Series
New Hermeneutic Refuted God's Word in your Heart and Mouth-Roy Davison
Origin of Instrumental Music In Worship--M. C. Kurfees
Shall We Change? By Robert C. Veil, Jr.
Spiritual AIDS By Bill Lockwood
The Assault upon Mark 16:16 Wayne Jackson
The Baby Boomers and Unity in Diversity J. E. Choate
The New Hermeneutic Mark Dunagan
The Paradigms and Parameters of Postmodern Theology--J. E. Choate
The Poisoned Wells of Digression J. E. Choate
The Sin of Factionalism Forrest D. Moyer
What Is truth? A Question for the Ages--Wayne Jackson
Woodroof Wept Review of one of his liberal books--By Eric Brinn Hall
Woopi worship - Wineskins Style Bill Lockwood
Worship: Show-time Religion By Dan Flournoy

Being in Covenenant By Alan Turner
Dealing With A Guilty Brother By Grady Scott
Do We Have To Accept Them? By David Padfield
“Marking” Brethren By David Smitherman
The Pains Of Withdrawal By Joel Hendon
Walking Disorderly By Kenneth E. Thomas

Be Nobody's Valentine By D. J. M. (?)
Christmas and Christians Retaining The Standard--David F. Sims
Christmas: From Heaven or Men? By Paul Smithson
Christmas in church History Bt Dennis Gulledge
Christmas or Xmas? By David Brown
Christ's Birth and Christmas Part 1 By T. Kloulachoglou
Christ's Birth and Christmas Part 2 By T. Kloulachoglou
Easter Celebration By Mark Copeland
Easter By Kenneth L. Jones
Halloween By Walter L. Porter
Halloween-An Abomination By Raymond Laginess
Holidays and Holy Days By David Brown
How To Defeat Satan And His Demons By Keith Smith
Christmas Is Not Christian Richard C. Nickels
It's Christmas Time A Christian's Perspective
"Jesus is the Reason for the Season" By John D. Cotham
No Special Services? By Greg Gwin
PAGAN HOLIDAYS by William B. Scherer, expanded by Richard C. Nickels
Pagan Sun Worship and Catholicism Celebrating The Birth of the Sun.
Pagan Sun Worship and Catholicism Celebrating the Risen Sun.
Preach The Cross, Not The Manger By Jeff Asher
Religious Holidays By Dave Miller
Religious/Secular Observance of Christmas By Louis Rushmore
Samhain (Halloween) By Mara Freeman (Pagan author)
Should I Celebrate Christmas? By David Padfield
Should We Celebrate Easter? By Brian Yeager
Strategies of Satan & His Demons By Keith Smith
The Truth About Christmas By Daniel Hamm
Unscriptural Holy Days by O. C. Birdwell
What About The Observance Called "Christmas"? By Kenneth E. Thomas
When Was Christ Born? By Kenneth L. Jones


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