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Numerous scholarly articles. We feel these articles are of value, however, their listing here does not mean that we necessarily agree with or approve of all materials contained in them.

Adams on Actualism and Presentism By Dr. William Lane Craig
Alleged Dinosaurian Ancestry of Birds By Ashby L. Camp
Ammonite Evolution? By Frank Sherwin, M.S.
ATP: The Perfect Energy Currency for the Cell By Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.
A Whale Fantasy from National Geographic By Harun Yahya
Billion-fold acceleration of radioactivity By John Woodmorappe
Creation: The Only Reasonable Explanation of Natural Phenomena By W. Hewitt Tier
Creation and Conservation Once More By Dr. William Lane Craig
Creation, Providence, and Miracle By Dr. William Lane Craig
Creationist Viewpoints By John W. Klotz: A Symposium on Creation
Comparing Islam With Christianity Very thorough Coverage--numerous links
Dating dilemma: fossil wood in ‘ancient’ sandstone By Andrew Snelling
Dating in conflict: Which ‘age’ will you trust? by Hansruedi Stutz
Did God Make Pathogenic Viruses? By Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.
Do Creationists Really Believe in Evolution? By John Morris, Ph.D.
Does God Exist? Can Philosophy Prove the Existence of God? By Tim Holt
Entering an Era of Anti-Christianity By Tal Brooke
Ernest Renan’s Assessment of Jesus Christ Christian Courier: Archives By Wayne Jackson
Evidence For The Resurrection Answering The Skeptics Theories. By Tim Holt
Evolution and Legal Standards By Joseph Sobran
Evolution/Creation By Mark Dunagan
Evolution: Fact or Faith? By Mark Dunagan
Frauds in Science Christian Courier: Archives By Wayne Jackson
Genetic Algorithms Do They Show that Evolution Works? By Don Batten, PhD
God and the Beginning of the Universe The Ultimate Question of Origins By Dr. William Lane Craig
Has NASA Discovered a “Missing Day”? By Bert Thompson
Hasker On Divine Knowledge By Dr. William Lane Craig
Homology in Biology A Problem for Naturalistic Science By Jonathan Wells, Ph.D.
How does Christianity differ from other World Religions? By Mark Dunagan
Hox (Homeobox) Genes Evolution’s Saviour? By Don Batten, Ph.D.
Human Suffering By Mark Dunagan
Hydrothermal Origin of Life? By Jonathan Sarfati
Instinct By Evan Shute: A Symposium on creation
Isaiah's Prophecy Of The Church By Wayne Jackson (From The Christian Courier)
Joshua's long day By Russell Grigg
Karl Popper's Challenge By Russell Kranz
Keys That Unlocked The Past By Wayne Jackson (From The Christian Courier)
Metaphysics and Meaning The Other Side: By Russell M. Manion
Modern Psychology and the Bible Christian Courier: Archives By Wayne Jackson
Morality Apart From God? Is It Possible? By Ray Cotton
Myths of Origin and the Theory of Evolution By Paul B. Gosselin
New York Times Editorial Invokes Same Old Propagandistic Lies By Tim Wallace
Problem of Information. Has Dawkins really solved it? By Royal Truman
Problem of Information Has Tom Schneider Really Solved It? By Royal Truman
Progressive Creationism By John C. Whitcomb, Ph.D.
Pseudogenes: Are They Non-Functional? By Pierre Jerlström
Radioactive Dating Failure By Andrew Snelling
Reappraising the “Crown Jewel” By Ashby L. Camp
Second Thoughts about Peppered Moths natural selection needs revising By Jonathan Wells, Ph.D.
Shapes, Numbers, Patterns, And The Divine Proportion In God's Creation By Fred Willson, M.S.
Sleep: An Evidence of Divine Design Christian Courier: Archives By Wayne Jackson
Smithsonian decries National Geographic’s ‘editorial propagandizing’ of dinosaur-to-bird ‘evolution’
Stratigraphic Evidence of the Flood By Stuart E. Nevins
The Biblical Chronology Question: An Analysis- # 1 By James B. Jordan
The Biblical Chronology Question: An Analysis- # 2 By James B. Jordan
The Biblical Concept of “Time” Christian Courier: Archives By Wayne Jackson
The Contingency of Knowledge and Revelatory Theism By R. M. Manion
The Day-Day View Of Creation By Wayne Jackson (From The Christian Courier)
The Days Do Matter By Henry Morris, Ph.D.
The Dubious Apologetics of Hugh Ross By Danny Faulkner, Ph.D.
The Existence of God By G. Brady Lenardos
"The Facts" vs. The Faith By James Kevin Craig
The Gentile Names of God By Gordon Holmes Fraser: A Symposium on Creation
The Geologic Column: Does It Exist? By John Woodmorappe
The Guard at the Tomb By Dr. William Lane Craig
The Historicity of the Empty Tomb of Jesus By Dr. William Lane Craig
The Institute for Creation Research Scientists By Henry Morris, Ph.D.
Theism, Atheism, and Rationality By Alvin Plantinga
The Justification of Theism Richard G. Swinburne
The Kalam Cosmological Argument A Swift and Simple Refutation of? By Dr. William Lane Craig
The Moon: The Light that Rules the Night By Jonathan Sarfati
The Necessity For Creationism A Creationism Classic: By R. J. Rushdoony
The Origin of the Cosmos 21 chapters By Charles Germaine Lockwood
The Place of Trace Elements in the Creation By C.E. Allan Turner
The Rise and Fall of Skull KNM-ER 1470 By A.W. (Bill) Mehlert
Two Atheistic Arguments Answered By Wayne Jackson (From The Christian Courier)
Vestigial Organs Do Not Prove Evolution By Stephen Caesar
Whale Evolution The Overselling of By Ashby L. Camp
What About Carbon Dating? by Don Batten, Ken Ham, Jonathan Sarfati, and Carl Wieland
What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? By John Morris, Ph.D.
Why Abiogenesis Is Impossible By Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.
Why The Bible Cannot Be Legend By Richard Riss
Why People Believe in Evolution Christian Courier: Archives By Wayne Jackson
Without Excuse! (Romans 1:20) By Kenneth Ham
Young Earth/Old Earth? (# 1) By Mark Dunagan
Young Earth/Old Earth (# 2) By Mark Dunagan


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